all-in-one service for traders
Superorder is a trading terminal, focused on simplicity and automation.
It offers users a new way to manage trades across multiple exchanges under one roof
Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal


enjoy user-friendly interface,
add your personal settings,
trade on any exchange from a single place
Access multiple exchanges without a hassle. Superorder provides an ability
to trade on your favorite cryptocurrency exchanges using one trading terminal
Crypto Trading Terminal – Superorder

strategy builder

get your trades automated
Create trading strategies and sequences using the visual drag-and-drop interface.
Run it and feel calm, you will have nothing more to worry about
Superorder Crypto Strategy Builder

Advanced Features

get more features on any cryptocurrency
exchange while using Superorder
Trailing stops
Advanced orders which are like moving Stop Loss or Limit Buy. This tool for traders create dynamic orders which follow prices automatically and let you secure profits or limit losses. Our crypto terminal bring this feature to all supported exchanges.
Superorder is a professional crypto trading terminal which works without manual control. To begin, you should design a strategy, run it, and just rest. Crypto automated trading is convenient as the terminal works 24/7 and track all market changes.
Extended chart
More flexible chart preferences provided by TradingView. In the cryptocurrency trading terminal, you can choose any predefined timeframe or set your own range to see market data.
Hidden orders
Another example of advanced orders which are literally concealed from other traders. Suitable for whales and those who don’t want to disclose deals. The crypto trading terminal support hidden orders on linked exchanges.
Portfolio tracking
The feature doesn’t belong to the terminal for crypto trading but provides powerful tools. You can evaluate your digital assets and their price to see profits or losses for a certain period of time.
Thanks to conditional blocks, the trading terminal for crypto exchanges supports forked strategies. In a single chain, you can combine both Stop Loss for protection from drops and Take Profit for securing earnings.
Automation Feature and Why It's Useful
JANUARY 30, 2019
Automation, yeah. It means exactly what you think: trading with certain software which cares about orders, buys, sells, market tracking etc. With automated terminals like Superorder, traders can finally sleep...
Benefits from Using the Trading Terminal
JANUARY 28, 2019
Superorder, we can’t miss the most interesting part: key features and how they can facilitate your trading! Let’s begin with brief general info about crypto terminals and then move to exact advantages...
Basics: How to Create a Trading Strategy
JANUARY 17, 2019
After you’ve registered the account and connected exchanges’ profiles, it’s time to create the first trading strategy. These cool tricks enable automated trading on Superorder simplifying your routine tasks. Finally...

My friend just send me a screenshot of his order setup in Superorder, and after thinking for 2 seconds and realising the potential of your program, my brain just exploded!

Within 3 seconds I signed up with my email on your website!

Ross Ellis

Excellent program and im about to start using it. I love how it takes the emotion out of a purchase and sale :)


I haven't provided feedback yet as really Super Order does everything I need and has worked reliably since I started to use it over a month ago.

Bob Numark
  • How do I start using Superorder?
    Initially, register and get access to your fresh account linked to our crypto terminal. Then, enter your profile on the chosen exchange, generate API keys, and grant them reading and trading permissions. Leave withdrawal ones disabled for higher security.
  • How to create a strategy and run it?
    Just tap the + button and arrange available orders in the desired chain. Remember to choose the appropriate pairs and exchanges. To start the strategy, press the Play button, so the cryptocurrency trading terminal will execute orders automatically. In details, you can read about strategies here.
  • Which exchanges does Superorder support currently?
    Right now, our terminal for crypto exchanges connects with Binance and Bittrex. We are working on introducing new platforms, so expect Coinbase, Bifinex, and Bitmex soon.
  • Why order rates on Superorder and Binance are different?
    Binance has certain rounding intervals in which prices can slightly move up or down. When you place your order via the crypto trading terminal, Superorder rounds prices to meet Binance requirements. Means, you still trade the same way as on this exchange, so don’t worry.
  • Why Market Buy/Market Sell and Trailings feature other prices?
    To be sure that you will buy or sell coins instantly, we add 10% (for Market Buy and Buy Trailing Stop) or remove 10% (for Market Sell, Stop Loss, and Sell Trailing Stop) from the declared order price. In fact, you buy and sell digital assets at the specified rate and these 10% movements are for order books only. Read more about these issues here.
  • What are the IPs of the Superorder crypto trading terminal?
    To boost security, you can whitelist IP addresses on linked exchanges. Be sure to add all IPs of our terminal listed on this page.
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